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Notes from Boston DXONE user meeting on enhancements and issues, November 2010

Meeting moderated and notes taken by Greg Gibson



Quality of document center is too low, not useable for scanned documents, except at MIT.

Document center does not handle multiple pages and may be limited in file type, .jpeg, .tif etc.


Get a process for sharing info on enhancement requests


Get a process for sharing customized reports


E-Forms / patient signatures / automatic patient registration from kiosks and on-line


Not enough detail being paid to features needed by orthodontists

Status of patient -> observation /  retention / class 2 / class 3 – Drs. want to see basic notes

about a case all at once, do not want to have to scroll up to see the initial diagnosis.


Image : 

has no granular security, if you can see any x-ray you can see them all

version 5.0 to slow to open thumbnails at bottom of patient chart


Upgrade process could be made smoother in the area of security rights – idea of having general roles


                Setup a reception “role” – then copy to all receptionists get the rights of that role

                Currently done as set up a fictional staff member when trained by Jan


ALSO, during upgrade allow clinics that do not care as much about security to have all rights

turned ON where security rights have been made more granular rather than the force everyone into the current process of resetting security rights after an upgrade.


Maybe allow temp rights, you have rights to this for 3 days… so it is not an upgrade crisis

at huge places that suddenly have to reset rights for > 50 users


Restriction on patient views and edits to be more granular than only  “by clinic”...  by provider / staff

When you do not have the right to a patient (in a different clinic) should the fact that this patient is in the database be entirely hidden as it is now?   Should the user at least know that patient exists in the db?   New Patients can be duplicated if the staff does not know that the patient is in the db at a different clinic they cannot see.


Claim processing too expensive, some using renaissance $29.00 a month flat


Patient preferred names do not show up in Appointments  (when you double click to open?)


Shared DXONE training


Everyone seems to like Dolphin Imaging … (offices that have this have orthodontists)


Future Due is broken : alias add provider more than once -> limited # of appt types in perfect day scheduling


 Meet Quarterly

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