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Minutes : Dentrix Enterprise North East Users Group
July 21, 2011

Attendance at Lindner Dental in New Hampshire ::

Childrens, Connecticut
Dedham, Massachusetts
Dental Associates, Connecticut
Dentrix (Jan Abbott)
Institute for Family Health, New York
Lindner Dental, New Hampshire
MIT, Massachusetts
New Haven Dental, Connecticut
Providence Community Health Center, Rhode Island
Rhode Island Hospital, Rhode Island
UPenn, Pennsylvania

Meeting opened with introductions.  Jeff Fahnoe presented My Voice and we discussed how the voting system works, that is 10 votes per clinic.  Jeff wants more votes.  :-)

With regard to My Voice Jeff showed how to enter a new feature, search for features already added and how to vote and remove a vote.  He also showed how to comment on a feature.  We discussed that their are good third party alternatives for some feature requests, such as a time clock and instant messaging.

Jeff then demonstrated the new document center in 6.0 and described / demonstrated for the group the multi-signature tracking system he has asked Dentrix to quote as a PST and add to the document center.

We discussed reporting.  Greg asked if anyone needs a report as he was aware of some requests in My Voice.  He asked specifically about the request for a report on definitions which should be easy and Jan said that she needed that report for a client.  Greg talked a little bit about the difference between an easy report that takes less than an hour to write and a complicated report that really becomes a project.  They can take 20 hours or more to build.  We talked about security in reports and the feeling is that for quick custom reports this is largely not needed.  Not many people in the group expressed a need for reports at this time.

The group participated in a 90 minute webinar of an electronic form solution for Dentrix.  They have a couple of enterprise clients they have just deployed but mostly work with the Dentrix Core users.  Their technology seems very good technically.  Group members are concerned that the images/data/files might live outside of Dentrix.  Jeff & Greg did not see this as a big deal, as many xray solutions keep the xrays outside of the dentrix database, but nonetheless many group members want the ability to have all of the data in the dentrix database or under the control of the dentrix software.  Jeff would need the forms to come into the document center if that is where the ability to track multiple signatures (patient, student dentist, witness, attending dentist) resides.

The three features relating to electronic forms are :

1) the ability to get an online form filled out via the web and the data from that form entered automatically back into Dentrix Enterprise  (this is mostly for new patient registrations or health updates before patient appointments occur)

2) the ability to get a form in the office filled out electronically like having a kiosk in the waiting room that the patients can use  -  also here the ability to present the patient with in office forms (Tom from MIT wants to have it be EXACTLY his form - as in a .pdf replica of his paper form) and have the patients be able to sign it / fill it out and have that data possibly populate areas of the dentrix database.

3) a process to manage the electronic signatures of the forms.

(As a side note, apparently Virgina requires a signed prescription slip, so maybe an interface could be made for a signed prescription slip, the data off of which could then go to all scripts, or the reverse, the data before going to all scripts could pre-populates a prescription form and the doctors could need to sign it before all scripts gets the data.)

While PT Dental seems to have a solution for electronic forms that everyone likes the consensus was that the group would rather buy a solution directly from Dentrix rather than from a third party like PT Dental even if Dentrix buys the component from PT Dental.  The feeling is that Dentrix is less likely than a third party to suddenly disappear and that Dentrix has good support.

There were 10 clinics at the meeting.  Greg asked for everyone to give him their
top two issues and we ended up with a hit list of 6 things ::

1. Electronic Forms  --  Where is the Patient Registration Kiosk, one clinic wants
to know...  :-)

2. Filtering ledger views

3. Every clinic with Ortho has issues with Ortho.  Dr. Lindner wants to be able to filter the chart, so he can see just Ortho notes and not bother about any fillings the patient may have had.  (This might be a good "sharable" PST, since the audience is specific.)

4. Insurance payment imports no matter where the payment data comes from... So whether the payment data comes as a .pdf from a state (like Connecticut), whether it is an electronic transmission that comes back from a state (like New York), or whether it comes back through e-claims, the payment data can be imported to pay off the insurance claims.

5. Group permissions

6. Better appointment book searching, like for a hygienist appointment followed immediately by an appointment with a dentist.  Or searching for family appointments, where two children are being seen by two hygienists in two separate rooms simultaneously.

The meeting concluded at 4:35 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Greg Gibson

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